Aussehen von uBlock Origin in Firefox ändern

Seit wann hat uBlock Origin eine neue Oberfläche? Ich hab’s nicht mitbekommen. Ich nutze seit einiger Zeit den Werbeblocker nicht und setze auf die „Tracking-Verhinderung“ in Edge. Jetzt habe ich bei Reddit eine neue userChrome.css gefunden

Dort hat sich jemand Gedanken um die neue, weiße Oberfläche des Adbockers gemacht und diese schwarz eingefärbt. Dunkles Aussehen ist schon gar nicht meins, aber ich denke viele werden ein dunkles uBlock Origin lieben.


:root {   
    --font-size: 12px;
    --default-ink: #888888 !important; /*default font color for most of the text in uBo*/
    --default-ink-a4: #8888880a !important;
    --default-ink-a50: #88888888 !important; /*icon fill color for saveRules, revertRules and refresh*/
    --default-surface: #15141a !important; /*deals with most white full screen backgrounds like Logger Ui, settings, about*/ /*used for checkmark color stoke*/
    --default-surface-hover: #32313c !important; /*highlight color for popup app and dashboard tabs*/
    --bg-1: hsla(0, 0%, 0%, 1) !important; /* color of the ribbon across screen where the search bar is in My Filters*/
    --bg-1-border: hsla(0, 0%, 0%, 1) !important;
    --bg-overlay-50: #0008 !important;
    --bg-code: hsla(0, 2%, 0%, 0.8) !important;
    --fg-0-80: hsla(0, 0%, 53%, 0.8) !important;
    --fg-0-70: hsla(0, 0%, 53%, 0.7) !important; /*uBo popup logger version lines for domains and requests*/
    --fg-0-60: #4C566A !important; /*used for the number of filters in use in Filter Lists section | My Rules filter icon */
    --fg-0-50: hsla(0, 0%, 53%, 0.5) !important; /*uBo popup logger version refresh button*/
    --fg-0-40: #888888 !important; /*Extra Tools bar in uBo popup logger version*/
    --fg-0-30: hsla(0, 0%, 53%, 0.3) !important;
    --fg-0-20: hsla(0, 0%, 53%, 0.2) !important;
    --link-ink: #8ad !important; /*web link color*/
    --fieldset-header-surface: transparent;
    --fieldset-header-ink: #4C566A !important; /*used in settings for Privacy Default behavior, used in My Rules for Perma and Temp Rules Headers*/
    --hor-separator-color: #000 !important;
    --button-surface: #4C566A !important; /*affects Firewall container rows on uBo main panel*/
    --button-ink: #5E81AC !important; /*color of text and icon inside button*/ /*applied to My Filters tab*/
    --button-surface-hover: #32313c !important;
    --button-active-surface: #d8DEE9 !important;
    --button-important-surface: #4a4f59 !important;
    --button-important-surface-hover: #454e5e !important;
    --button-disabled-filter: opacity(38%);
    --button-disabled-surface: #4C566A !important;
    --button-disabled-ink: #999999a0 !important;
    --button-preferred-surface: #999999a0 !important;
    --button-preferred-ink: #4C566A !important;
    --checkbox-size: calc(var(--font-size) + 2px);
    --checkbox-ink: #80808f; /*non-checked box border color*/
    --checkbox-checked-ink: #999999 !important; /*used for the checkmark - uses background-color and border-color*/
  /*--select-surface:  Appears that this is not used anywhere that I can locate - if you find a spot enter a color value here */
    --bg-transient-notice: #434c5E !important; /*color for the buttons for saveRules, revertRules and refresh - popup container*/
    --dashboard-bar-shadow: 0px 0px 0px 1px var(--default-ink-a4), 0px 1px 2px 0px #2200330a, 0px 2px 1px -1px #0730721f, 0px 1px 6px 0px #0e0d1a1f; /*line across screen under tabs*/
    --dashboard-tab-ink: var(--default-ink);
    --dashboard-tab-active-ink: #1E90FF !important;
    --dashboard-tab-surface-hover: var(--default-surface-hover);
  /* small i icons found throughout the dashboard and logger*/
    --fg-icon-info-lvl-0-dimmed: #888 !important; /*found in My Rules/Setting tabs*/
    --fg-icon-info-lvl-0: inherit;
    --fg-icon-info-lvl-1-dimmed: hsla(240, 100%, 40%, 0.5); /*found in  Filter Lists tab - default view*/
    --fg-icon-info-lvl-1: hsla(240, 100%, 40%, 1); /* found in Filter Lists tab - hovered over*/
    --info-lvl-2-ink: var(--yellow-50);
    --info-lvl-2-ink-hover: var(--yellow-60);
    --fg-icon-info-lvl-3-dimmed: hsla(16, 100%, 50%, 0.5);/*found in Advanced Settings - default view*/
    --fg-icon-info-lvl-3: hsla(16, 100%, 50%, 1); /*found in Advanced Settings - hovered over*/
    --fg-icon-info-lvl-4-dimmed: hsla(0, 100%, 35%, 0.5);
    --fg-icon-info-lvl-4: hsla(0, 100%, 35%, 1);
    --large-icon-info-lvl-2: hsla(41, 100%, 47%, 1);
    --bg-tooltip: #15141a !important;
    --fg-tooltip: #888888a0 !important;
  --bg-popup-cell-1: #4C566A !important; /*uBo popup window accesible from logger*/
  --popup-power-ink: #5E81AC !important; /*uBo power icon - on color */
  --popup-power-disabled-ink: #4C566A!important; /*uBo power icon - off color */
  --popup-power-ink-hover: #3B4253 !important;
  --bg-popup-cell-2: #4C566A !important; /*firewall container row line horizontal and vertical colours*/
  --bg-popup-cell-label-filter: opacity(40%);
  --fg-popup-cell-cname: #EBCB8B !important;
  --bg-popup-cell-allow: hsla(120, 40%, 75%, 1);
  --bg-popup-cell-allow-own: hsla(120, 100%, 30%, 1);
  --bg-popup-cell-noop: hsla(0, 0%, 75%, 1);
  --bg-popup-cell-noop-own: hsla(0, 0%, 45%, 1);
  --bg-popup-cell-block: hsla(0, 50%, 80%, 1);
  --bg-popup-cell-block-own: hsla(0, 100%, 40%, 1);
  --bg-popup-cell-label-mixed: hsla(45, 100%, 38%, 1);
  --popup-icon-x-ink: #e22850 !important;

/* Need to set colors in forms.css for moz-field stuffz
  -moz-FieldText: #888888 !important;  change from these names to either HEX value or variables.  default-ink
  -moz-Field: #15141a !important;    var would be var(--dark-gray-90) hex value might be easiest though.
 /* TO DO 
 1. Epicker window box color Variables needed;
  #ublock0-epicker aside 
  background-color: var(--dark-gray-90)
  outer border: var(--dark-gray-90)
  inner order: var (
  color: #999999a0

  html#ublock0-epicker, #ublock0-epicker body 
    background: transparent !important;
    color: #777 !important;
 2. CodeMirror (my filters and Whitelist) ADVANCED SETTINGS (background and color need variables)  
      .CodeMirror background: (currenty set to white) need a var
    my Rules tab
    codemirror panes   CodeMirror-merge-pane CodeMirror-merge-left
    CodeMirror-merge-pane CodeMirror-merge-editor CodeMirror-merge-pane-rightmost
    ***** file used is codemirror.css *********
 3. #cloudWidget background (linked to img) background is hsl - would be better if we had a background color instead of hsl.
    ***** file used is cloud-ui.css ********
 4. Logger UI screen.  .permatoolbar, modalOverlayContainer : background-color;
    headers  background-color, color border-color
    #netFilteringDialog > div.panes > .dynamic .entry background-color: border-bottom:  ; 
    #netFilteringDialog > div.panes > .dynamic .entry > .action > .allow .noop .block 
    #modalOverlayClose stoke: background-color
    ****** file used is logger-ui.css ******* 
 5. Seperator bar - element/selector is hr   in common.css a variable is assigned.  popup-fenix.css
    border-top - assigned HEX of #e3e2e3 variable should be assinged like in common.css
 6. .rulesetTools border color needs a variable
    **** popup-fenix.css *****